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March 21, 2021

PROJECT: Big Hype Vol. 2

Round Two of Project Big Hype!

PROJECT: Big Hype Vol. 2

ROUND TWO IS HERE! In case you missed the first round here is the run down:


Aren't we as creators tired of how the comics industry is run? The needing to know someone in order to get projects green lit, The asinine pre-order system, day and date digital being priced the same physical. We want to try something new to help voices the industry will never hear from whether it be due to not being able to attend cons, not knowing the right editors or whatever other obstacle that should be outdated.

What Is IT?

A 400 page long collection of stories, ranging from shorts to longer form narratives. Think Shonen Jump for western comics. We want to blend the biggest indie comics has to offer with the manga freshness most of the current generation grew up on. Established creators will be headlining the book with 20 page stories. While up and comers will get 10 pages to spotlight their short stories or even project pilots. The hope continues to be that established creators will bring in the eyeballs to the product, allowing the fresh talent to have a chance at building a fan base for spin-off projects that they possibly crowdfund on their own. 

Who You Got?

Michael W Conrad

Dtron Austin

J. Michael Donohue

Kal Huset

Jordan Clark

Jeff Trammell

Kira Okamoto

Ben Kahn

Saly Lockheart

Goran Gligovic


Zak Kinsella

Lisa DuBois

Joe Glass

Sam Owen

Brian Hawkins

Rob Pilkington

Eric Palicki

Frankee White

Minerva Fox



Any genre you want. We just want FUN stories. (Please NO SAD stories) Rated Teen (Some mature situations and language are allowed)


No longer than a one page google doc. We want to read the beginning, middle and ending of the whole story. Don't try to tease us. Leave that for the readers. Only a certain number of spaces are available, so we may decline stories for reasons of overlapping theme rather than quality. You can only submit 1 story pitch. No creators can resubmit with a different team. NOTE: NO art, concept art, complete comics** allowed in your pitch. NO copyright characters allowed. (fanfic is cool, just not for this) In fairness to all creators, pitches will be accepted on strength of the pitch and team. Any submissions that do not follow this will be deleted and a form letter letting you know that you did not read directions will be sent. (We believe this be preferable to being ghosted and wondering why you got passed on)

NEWER TALENT, you will be pitching 10 page short stories or 10 page project pilots*. Please include title of your story. Your full names and names of all the team members if applicable. Please include one social media account/website for each member applying to the project. All artist must include a link to a digital portfolio. NOTE: All writers must build their entire team for this as we do not have the time to match creators. 

ESTABLISHED TALENT, will be invited to pitch longer stories. Up to 20 pages. If you are an established creator or team and wish to do a longer story, please send an inquiry DM to @BighypeC on twitter or email to bighypecomics at If you are established creator and are wanting to be teamed with a team, please let us know and we will attempt to pull a team together. 


Manga standard 5" x 7.5" - 300 DPI .tiff, Black and white. Greyscale if you want. 


We will be crowdfunding again. Shooting for another small print run of the book. 


Artist and writers retain all rights to their work, and give us rights to reprint license to include the story when we wish to print this project, as well as digital versions and marketing materials. 


Upon acceptance of your story, we will be sending out contracts for all creators involved. We will be using T.O. Comix Press anthology templates as a base for our own contracts. This means our contract will be similar, but not the exact same. We are in no way affiliated with T.O. Comix Press, but we appreciate their invaluable resources. Sample Contract


As with the first volume, we intend to crowdfund a print run. Succeed or fail goal, each member will receive 3 copies of the book. If the project goes past the funding goal, all money will be split and distributed to teams. 


May 31, 2021


June 6, 2021


January 15, 2022


Click here to submit

Do you have any questions or concerns? Let's chat. @bighypecomics at

*We will accept teasers/pitch pilots, pitch samples for longer form stories. This is in hopes that will help you when pitching to a publisher or crowdfunding it on your own in the future. 

**Past completed comics can be printed in our books, but must be accepted as only a written pitch in fairness to all. No comic that has been published prior to publication will be accepted.